We're incredibly excited to get our hands on the wines of Alsace-based Domaine Muller-Koeberle. David and partner Marianne took over the family estate in 2012, and have gone on to completely redefine Natural Winemaking in the region and turn the estate into one of the most progressive and biodiverse farms not only in France but the world. Fully biodynamic, zero/zero production, awarded Demeter certification along with the latest Vin Methode Natural accreditation which is only given to producers where the wines have less than 30mg of naturally occurring sulphur.


Rainette is a Pet Nat made from a blend of Muscat and Riesling. The only sparkling from the Domaine, the Riesling spent over a year on Lees before being passed through the latest harvest's Muscat skins, resulting in a super aromatic wine with all the freshness of a Riesling. This is no light and flowery sparkling wine - it packs a real punch on all levels, carried by super soft bubbles and an incredibly moreish acidity. Expect notes of honey, apricot and orange rind. Chill right down, share with friends. Heavenly.




14% ABV. 750ml.