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TERRA TEMPO - SUNN (1))) - 8.4%

Imperial Stout with Cacao, Coffee, Vanilla and Fuggles. Brewed using a modern ‘pastry’ style base, open ‘farm’ fermented and heavily hopped with whole cone Fuggles. Rwandan whole bean Coffee courtesy of Symposium Roasters in Norwich was added alongside organic Cacao nibs, grade A Madagascan vanilla, Ceylon Cinnamon and Mexican Ancho Chilli. Brewed with 100% solar power, with absolute minimal intervention at every processing step allowing the ingredients to be presented as close to their natural taste alongside encouraging further development of Terra Tempo's unique evolving farm “terroir”. This is a wild beer so if you prefer clean flavours store cold and do not age.  Bottle conditioned, contains sediment, please allow 24 hours at fridge temperature stored upright and pour carefully.




8.4% ABV. 750ml.

TERRA TEMPO - SUNN (1))) - 8.4%


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