It's our 3rd birthday, it's a bank holiday, and we're allowed to serve you drinks again! It would seem rude not to.

Not to do things by halves when we can do them by triples, we're throwing a NEON RAPTOR TAP TAKEOVER! We've lined up three very special beers indeed - one for each crazy year.

Due to our current very limited capacity of ten, to be as safe and fair as possible, tickets ARE for one-hour sessions (6-7pm, 7-8pm and 8-9pm) over the evenings of Friday May 28th and Saturday May 29th. TICKETS cost £10 PER PERSON, which will then count towards your drinks tab. Far be it from us to tell you how many hour sessions you'll need!

Please note that while the rule of six will be strictly observed, if you're attending alone or as a couple, you may be seated with another small party.

Although it's not the ideal party scenario and we will of course require all the usual signing in and masky moving around, we hope everyone can embrace the weirdness because we really are jolly excited to see you.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.